Sunday, January 07, 2007


You may have noticed the 10 new hanging baskets outside reception and around the quad area. These were made by our pupils. Although they won’t grow much over the next 2 months, when spring arrives we should see pansies and polyanthus beginning to flower. Some of the Pansies that were left over were put by the Basil Hulme center.
On the last day of term, Form Captains were invited to plant a tree. 30 trees were donated by the ‘Woodland trust’ the trees are Cherry Blossom, Silver Birch and Rowan. They are only saplings but will grow quickly over the next 10 years. They have been planted between the school restaurant and the RE area. In years to come, we hope that you will walk through a leaf covered pathway back into school.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Competition: make the best recycle poster

A competition open to everyone has launched to see who can make the best paper recycling poster to put on the school bins and in classrooms.
The poster needs to be on A4 paper, colourful and have a simple recycling message.
Best poster wins a secret eco friendly prize
The closing date is 18th July

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bike to school week

On Monday 8 bikes were counted in the shed, Tuesday 19 bikes. We would like to see 100 bikes by friday!
Why do it....
All cars & buses produce a gas called carbon dioxide, this contributes to the greenhouse effect. Like a greenhouse it get very hot- eventually, if we all carry on putting CO2 into the atmosphere the Earth will get very hot and with that we get crazy weather patterns like flooding, then droughts. Parts of the Wirral are going to dissapear if we don't stop. Another reason is to improve our health. regular excercise will ensure we are more prepared to learn in the short term and live longer over all.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


hello, this is the first posting for St John Plessington's eco team:
this is us:

We are going to get everyone in school, involved in recycling, saving energy, healthy food & lifestyles and make our school a brighter and more environmently friendly place to be. As a bonus , we will be helping to sustain planet Earth for the future too.

if you have ideas then post them, through this site, we will read them and add them to the site too.